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engaging - deep - inspiring

Life is a journey not a destination 
  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Committing to a course shows the willingness
to dive deeper!

You are ready to question your own inner perspectives and turn your attention to what works and why in your world? You want to learn the science and applications of setting up a life according to sound well-being principals  


Then you found the right place. Our courses are based in rigorous research, yet they are far from being theoretical. You will learn the reasoning behind our tools and you will be invited you to experience and test the applications provided on yourself and in your school or organisation. You will leave our courses more skilled and confident to put positive education and wellbeing into action.  

Current Course Offers 

2 Day Positive Education Basics

21.22.09. Berlin 

Experience the nuts and bolts of Positive Education. Start your journey of flourishing in education and life 

Positive Education Expert Course 

120 h Course accredited by the German Positive Psychology Association 

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