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Positive Education Training

  Professional Wellbeing Education

Wellbeing and human education for the world of tomorrow
Positive Education provides the tools.

Positive Education strengthens well-being- and human development to build positive relationships with ourselves, with others and with the world we live in.

- Elke Paul

3 Reasons Why

  1. Get smart on wellbeing to lower mental health risks 

  2. Strengthen character and human qualities to prepare for a digital tomorrow

  3. Train skills for respectful engagement with others and our planet

A call for professional wellbeing &
human value education

We all want to adapt, succeed and flourish in a rapidly changing world.  The increasing mental health crisis of young people and chronically stressed adults indicate that this objective is far from being reached. The education of tomorrow must include professional wellbeing and character education for children and adults to help turn this tide. 

Positive Education is the science based application of wellbeing & Positive Psychology studies, a toolbox for human flourishing. It encourages growth, accomplishment, contribution, collaboration, appreciation, care, compassion, empathy, engagement, working with adversity, managing change, reflection and balance. These attributes create a strong human foundation and life skills necessary to enhance individual and collective thriving. 


Supporting open minded schools and innovative organisations to promote flourishing is my passion and motivation. This is what I stand for! 

 ENGAGE© Framework
Human Development & Wellbeing

Scientifically proven - Experience based -  Future-oriented

PD /  Workshops / Presentations / Courses / Consulting / Retreats  

The framework compiles research and interventions from Positive Psychology, Psychology, Education, Meditation, Yoga and  Mindfulness.

It works in line with Seligman’s PERMA modules.

It is constantly updated to integrate new findings. 

Enjoy Positive Emotions


Negatives Get Dealt With


Good Relationships Matter


Accomplish Genuine Goals


Gentle to Body Mind and Spirit


Engage and Find Purpose


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     Dr. Elke Paul 

Which levers need to be pulled to make us and our communities happier and hopeful? This question followed me through various academic degrees, countries, career moves and spiritual quests. Most insights however I gathered from the people I met along the way: Flourishing is a competence that can be acquired.  It has little to do with money or background, but with human skills like positive relationships, compassion, engagement and purpose. Wellbeing & human skills are crucial in our times. Flourishing helps us brighten our outlook, our relationships, and the way we relate, learn and work.

Studying it, working on it and sharing wellbeing inspires me!

What inspires me...

My Services

motivating, sound,


thorough, uplifting, application-friendly

strengths oriented, compassionate,


engaging, explorative, 


warm, relaxing, meaningful

Organisations I have worked with 

Elke balances her vast academic knowledge with years of practical experience in education resulting in powerful teachings. She has a strong capability to quickly adapt to her audience, motivating them to develop their skills. Her courses leave lasting impressions and the urge to learn more. 

Prof. Shirley Brice Heath
Stanford University, Emeritus, Brown University, USA

Wow, Elke you were amazing. What a great day. Thanks for this amazing workshop, for your leadership, hard work and inspiration. 

Gabe Evans
Teacher, IGBIS International School, Kuala Lumpur

To see how Elke helped vulnerable, challenged young people gain mental strength and confidence was mind blowing. I believe her curriculum could be a life changer for these kids.

Laura Ashley
Youth Developer, Headspace (Australian Governmental Mental Health agency for young people) 

Die Energie und ihre positive Ausstrahlung beim Vortrag hat mich komplett eingenommen. Es war spürbar, dass Sie für das Thema brennen und es mit großer Leidenschaft vertreten. Es war eine Fülle an hochinteressanten Informationen, gespickt mit unterhaltsamen Unterbrechungen und dem aktiven Einbezug der Zuhörer.  

Ulrike Teufel,

Landratsamt Ravensburg, Regionales Bildungsbüro


​Conference Appearances

  • AGIS - Association German International School, 2018, Leiterin der Pre-Conference 2019 & 2020

  • EU Positive Education, Budapest, 2018,

  • ECIS, Educational Collaboration for International Schools, Luxemburg 2018,

  • Design Thinking Conference, ISB, Brussels, 2019 

  • ECIS Leadership Conference, Lisboa, 2019

  • World Congress for Positive Psychology 2019, IPPA World, Melbourne

  • ECIS Leadership Conference 2020

  • AGIS Conference 2020

  • ECPP, European Positive Psychology Conference, 2020

  • World Happiness Festival 2020

Presentation Workshops


  • Australia: 

    • Ku-Ring-Gai Council

    • Headspace

    • Bears Cottage, Children Hospice, Street Work, (Sydney)

  • Asia​

    • Australian International School, Singapore​

  • England: 

    • Creative Partnership (Kent, London)

  • Germany: 

    • Rümsa -Regionales Übergangsmanagement Sachsen-Anhalt

    • SchuleWirtschaft, Halle 

Positive Education School Development

  • IGB International School, Kuala Lumpur

  • BBIS, Berlin Brandenburg International School

Teen Workshops

  • Australia: SCECGS-Redlands, Ravenswood School for Girls,  Pymble Ladies College, Killara High School, (Sydney); Geelong Grammar School (Melbourne) 

  • England: Brockhill College for Performing  Arts, Kent;

  • Malaysia: IGB International School, Kuala Lumpur 

  • Deutschland: BBIS: Berlin Brandenburg International School


With love from Berlin

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