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Professional Wellbeing Education that leaves a mark

Why Positive Education?

Positive Education is not a luxury but a necessity for the world of tommorow.

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Mental Health

Get smart on wellbeing to lower mental health risks and foster positive outlook


Emphasize on
Human Values

Strengthen character and human qualities to prepare for a digital tomorrow

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Create Connection
& Engagement

Train skills for respectful engagement with others and our planet


Supporting open minded educational services to promote and live Positive Education is my passion and motivation. This is what I stand for!

We all want to adapt, succeed and flourish in a rapidly changing world. 

The increasing mental health crisis of young people and chronically stressed adults indicate that this objective is far from being reached. 

Positive Education is the science based application of Wellbeing & Positive Psychology studies, a toolbox for human flourishing. It offers skills to enhance personal growth and social connections, open mindsets, a positive attitude, engagement, appreciation, managing change and conflict, reflection and more. Attributes like these create a strong human foundation and offer life skills necessary for individual and collective thriving. 

Elke Paul (PhD)

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My Services

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Leadership Development 

Positive  Education and Wellbeing Promotion needs to start at the top. I help leaders to gain Wellbeing Literacy: Understand, apply and role model Positive Education, gain knowledge on systematic wellbeing school transformation and practice a wellbeing promoting leadership style that gets the community behind the cause. 


Professional Development 

School staff -  all of it,  deserve collaborative Professional Development vibrating with care, understanding, and hands-on tools. - Don't forget the joy! They need tools to navigate their own wellbeing first, and then apply Pos.Ed. to zestfully role-model, teach and lead with wellbeing. My programs and tools support educators' back and inspire them to commit.  



Positive Education is a systemic approach with many possible in-roads. Its path of transformation is unique for each organisation - Happy to help you finding clarity from big picture scenarios to small action steps to get the ball rolling. And if you need a strong key note to shake things up first, 

I am ready.


With love from Berlin

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Collaborations I treasure

Board Member 
of Spirituality&Meaning Division


Leadership Program Provider


SMHL Lead Content Creator & Scientific Advisor




Positive Education brings community together.
I would love to help you make it happen. 
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